Many people have spoken of The Dark Rift in association with prophecies on the end of time, the apocalypse and the Mayan Calendar.  However, many of us didn’t quite understand what The Dark Rift means.

Today, I am able to see The Dark Rift in real time and describe to you what I see.

Many have said that we entered The Dark Rift of the Milky Way Galaxy in 2012 but that’s a misunderstanding.  The Dark Rift is a symbolic place situated in the Milky Way to describe a very real space in time we are all experiencing now.

Here is the vision I’m receiving.  I’m seeing time in space similar to what looks like the Milky Way Galaxy, if time were to be materialized and viewed from outside.

Our galaxy is a kind of clock.



I am seeing Time as winding upward vertically and spinning like a spiral eternally as it moves forward and up.  So time is truly not linear and to think of it in that way confuses the mind and disconnects one’s consciousness from being in rhythm with natural time and cycles.

I am seeing The Dark Rift as a space in time, literally.  There is a point in time where time literally breaks apart, creating a dark rift and two timelines.  It is a timeline split.  I am seeing this with my third eye in real time.

See this image of a spiral Mayan timeline.

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I can also see The Dark Rift as fragmented particles of planetary debris slowly drifting apart creating large amounts of space in between.  This is what The Dark Rift appears like in physical space.  It is in space physically but we are also experiencing The Dark Rift as a cycle of time that is repeated and quite predictable.

This is how our Ancestors knew that time would one day end.  The knowledge of The Dark Rift speaks of a point in time when things would collapse, time would be no more and we would shift into a new reality.

I am seeing this Dark Rift experience as a new soul of collective consciousness being birthed into reality and the birth of a new physical star being born on an assembly line of stars and suns in the making of our Milky Way Galaxy.


Our genetic code records experiences on this assembly line of time that gets transferred psychically from generation to generation.  These recordings can be perceived psychically and projected into our reality as we live them out at some future moment in time like a cosmic movie playing over and over.  This is what prophecy and prediction truly is.  It’s a psychic phenomenon associated with memories from other timelines with which we can access from memory.

When it comes to memories of The Dark Rift, we experience a period in time where there is a break off and a split creating two diametrically opposing timelines with future scenarios to be experienced by each person’s consciousness as they travel through The Dark Rift.  There’s a natural collapse in consciousness which creates physical and financial collapses in the physical experience.

The Dark Rift can effect people negatively on a subconscious level for which they may not be prepared.  From a positive perspective, there are awakened souls experiencing The Dark Rift as a quantum shift or leap that creates a new timeline.  I’m seeing this new timeline as one that will lead to a break off civilization, a galactic community and this is where we are heading next.


Some call this breakaway civilization a Type III Civilization.  This is where The Dark Rift is leading us to.  We are almost ready to make the leap.  It will be a moment in time.  There will be a break off point.  It will be experienced by all and things will be different on the other side of The Rift.

The Dark Rift is dark because there are spaces of complete void that our consciousness will experience as moments of emptiness, solitude or extreme aloneness.  This darkness feels like a deep void within and many who are unprepared are exiting our reality; some intentionally leaving and some leaving by natural causes due to their experiencing The Dark Rift as deep pain.

These beloved Souls will meet us on the other side of The Rift in a different form.  Those who live through the The Dark Rift will overcome physical death and hold on to their physical body as they enter into immortality in real time.  These graduating Souls will live as human beings who were alive at the moment we made the quantum leap and will receive special honor.


There may be some months of great darkness that will require that we be extremely balanced and able to move through spaces of really dark energy in peace of mind and soundness of body.  So be prepared for that.

This is the moment in time our Ancestors long predicted.  They gave us the practices that would be necessary to maintain emotional and mental balance while keeping our physical body when we make the quantum leap.  It is important that we keep that in mind and practice those exercises at this time.  They will prove to be not only a sure foundation but an experience of love and light as we ascend to higher consciousness and quantum leap over the great darkness of The Rift.

Much love and light to you.  Priestess

Priestess Sekhmet has over 30 years experience in spiritual practice with documented psychic abilities. Her mission is to help heal the world through psychic guidance, self mastery and spiritual development. When she is not creating she enjoys spending time with family and in nature.

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