My Ancestry from Mauritania


My Ancestry from Mauritania
Mauritania – West Saharan Africa, My Homeland

By communicating with my Ancestors through dreams and divine knowledge, I have learned that my ancestry is from Mauritania, ground zero of the Great Flood.  When my Ancestors first began revealing to me that I was entitled to an inheritance, I had no real knowledge of my African Ancestry outside of vivid dreams that I can recall.

In one dream, I specifically remember being with one of my African Ancestors who was very tall and dressed in traditional, cultural clothing.  I remember he wore a short Kufi Hat.  The room was also filled with cultural decor which I noticed as he spun me around in a circle as if he was happy to see me!

My Ancestry in Mauritania
King Muammer Alghaddafi Movement for Ancestral Lands. Click for info.

When King Muammer Alghaddafi was so-called assassinated (my sense was, he escaped leaving a body double), my Ancestors showed me many reasons why he was targeted for death and much of it had to do with his desire to remain Sovereign, institute a gold-backed currency and restore our true history.

LA Times: Libya’s Kadafi Urges American Indians and Blacks to Set Up Their Own States

Now, my Ancestors are giving me even more information about my relationship to this mighty warrior and his desire to see me restored to my inheritance which includes my land.  (See: LA Times Article- Inaccurate) (See also: Treaty of Tripoli, The Green Book and Alghadaffi Peace Prize)

From Mauritania to America

My Ancestry in Mauritania
My DNA Map with Markers in North Africa

Around this same time, I decided to have my DNA done to see exactly where my Ancestors came from.  I specifically heard my ancestors say, we came from Mauritania!  As I examined the map, I saw what I expected with the exception of the mysterious absence of my native American ancestry.  Nowhere on the map did it describe any locations in America.

I was specifically interested in Ancestors who would have migrated from Alaska.  My mother clearly described my great grandmother to me who she explained was full blood Cherokee.  The mystery may in fact be that my Cherokee Ancestors actually descended from North Africa in Mauritania before arriving to America and ultimately being called Indian.

My Ancestry in Mauritania

As I studied this travel route, I also discovered Russia ruled portions of America during colonial times from the shoreline of north America with outposts in California.  I’m getting a strong sense that some of my ancestors travelled from Russia to Alaska and settled near the Bering Strait.

I’m getting a strong impression that some of my ancestors were paid to travel for the empire and overtime ended up enslaved. (See North Africans in Iceland: Turkish Abductions of 1627).

My overall sense is that my original Ancestry descended from Mauritania and travelled east through Egypt and continued all the way through Russia entering into the Americas through Alaska.  For some reason, I just had a vision of a Caravan.  My sense is that my ancestors were part of an empire that spread all throughout the east even up until the 1600s.  I also sense there was a great cataclysm that forced everyone east, many who travelled in great caravans.

Cataclysm in Mauritania

My Ancestry in Mauritania
Richat Structure – Eye of the Sahara. More Info here.

I’ve known since I was a little girl that there was a great cataclysm that destroyed a large part of the world.  However, I never understood where it may have taken place.  I was so deeply touched by this concept when I was younger, that I decided to get only one tattoo and that is a depiction of Noah’s Ark and the great flood on my wrist.  I even called myself KNOWAH because of the things I know due to my connection to my ancestors and many memories of this flood.

It now appears that my Ancestors are showing me that the flood I remember happened in our home of Mauritania.

Memories of the Flood in Mauritania

The video pointed out there were elephant remains at the site and this sent chills down my spine.  One of my most fantastic dreams was a memory of being in a valley and hearing the thunder of a herd of elephants as what appeared to be the ocean coming over the mountains behind them.  There was no time for me to take cover.  I heard a voice say kneel down, close your eyes and pray.  As I did so, I felt the rush of the elephants part a path before me and stampede on each side of me bringing me no harm.

In a similar dream, I remember the water washing over me as I heard a voice say close your eyes and pray.  As the water pushed me down below a force drove me back up to the surface.  In both dreams, I miraculously survived.  It’s my sense that these dreams are memories of how my ancestors survived this flood, traveled east to re-establish themselves and ultimately were sold into slavery by other ancestors.

Modern Day Slavery and Genocide in Mauritania

My Ancestry in Mauritania
Source: Descent Based Slavery in Mauritania. Click for more info.

As I began to research the history of what was being told to me by my Ancestors is my homeland of Mauritania, I learned about the tragic genocide that has been occurring there under modern day slavery targeting the original dark skinned people.  Some of my ancestors speak to me about this and are determined to free these slaves and return them to their inheritance.  (See: North African Slave Trade of Algiers)

Mauritanian Criminals and Sellouts in Algiers

A similar situation began to occur in modern day Tripoli about the same time that King Muammer Alghaddafi was killed.  The dark skinned people of Libya became targeted for slavery and what I would consider genocide began to occur.  See article on modern day slavery in Mauritania: AntiSlavery.Org)

Cultural Identity Theft of Mauritania

My Ancestry in Mauritania
Herod’s So Called Temple or Remnants of Mauritanian Spiritual Life

I also began noticing a pattern of erasing our culture, replacing our people and assuming our names and heritage as I continued my research into the history of Mauritania.  Many names we see today like Mu-Ham-Ad, Wa-lid, Ab-Ra-Ham, Ba-El, Ka-Ba and others not mentioned all relate to our ancient Mauritanian culture that have been grafted into new cultures and religions.

As we continued our travel east, we became immersed by other civilizations who adopted our names, our symbols and our spiritual practices.  Over time, they became us and we became lost in history.

My Ancestry from Mauritania
Source: Library of Chinguetti near Mauritania

I quickly began searching for references to our original books and cultural information and discovered the libraries in Mauritania are nearly non-existent with no government funding for preservation!

It’s also my sense that the ruins of the town of Ouadane in Mauritania was built of rubble post cataclysm by survivors who sold any remaining artifacts and items of cultural significance to invaders and traders.  Once the objective was achieved the money was used to leave the area and the small town was ultimately destroyed by natural causes.

My Ancestry from Mauritania
Source: Heir to the Old City of Mauritania

Any shred of evidence to the existence of our ancestry in Mauritania must immediately be collected and protected or we will never know our true history from a historical and archaeological perspective.  We were a great empire and we existed.

Priestess Sekhmet has over 30 years experience in spiritual practice with documented psychic abilities. Her mission is to help heal the world through psychic guidance, self mastery and spiritual development. When she is not creating she enjoys spending time with family and in nature.