High Priestess of Sekhmet


The High Priestess of Sekhmet is a new character on the Arcane Lore Wiki website that presents the Goddess Sekhmet as a vile human hating being.  This very insensitive depiction of the Goddess Sekhmet, who is a spiritual humanoid light being, revered in ancient Egyptian culture and all over the world, does cultural and spiritual damage that should at least be pointed out.

The High Priestess of Sekhmet
High Priestess of Sekhmet on Arcane Lowe Wiki

Sekhmet, which means Sekem Divine Fire is our Divine Mother Goddess, for she is an elemental fire being who is the spark of all creation, all light and all elements of fire.

High Priestess of Sekhmet
Sekhem is Divine Cleansing Fire

The High Priestess Sekhmet

As fire, Sekhmet can be destructive but only in ways that create something more beautiful, the same way one might use fire to cleanse away the brush to make way for a beautiful landscape.

High Priestess of Sekhmet
Priestess Sekhmet in the Temple of Hathor

Arcane Lore Wiki goes on to describe the Priesthood and the Temple of Sekhmet as being a place where human’s were rejected.  Seeing that many young people will be influenced by this depiction of the High Priestess of Sekhmet and her temple, it is vital to our spiritual and cultural heritage to speak for the Goddess Sekhmet as the Supreme Divine Mother Goddess and progenitor of the human race.

High Priestess of Sekhmet

The Lion Tribes

In their article, The High Priestess of Sekhmet, they describe Leopardmen as Liontaurs and they demonize the existence of the Humanoid Lion Races.  However, these humanoid lion races do exist and they came before humans, helping to create us and one day we will discover we share their DNA.

high priestess of sekhmet
The Lion Tribe

Devaluation of the High Priestess of Sekhmet

High Priestess of Sekhmet
The Goddess Sekhmet at the Louvre Museum

This may sound like a racist statement but the Goddess Sekhmet is an African Deity. Websites like Arcane Lore Wiki (ALW) and The Quest for Glory III: Wages of War,  appeal to many young people and are using cultural icons in ways that are degrading and misleading.  Does ALW even acknowledge that Egypt is in Africa?

It would be much more appreciated if they chose to use our cultural deities that they might depict them in honest ways that enlighten people on their cultural significance.

When religious figures are depicted as derogatory, that actually harms the culture and misinforms the public in subconscious ways.  Over time, this leads to losing the way of our Ancestors and finding our way home to Source.

High Priestess of Sekhmet
Infographic by Priestess Sekhmet

Sekhmet is a loving being of Light and we are all connected to her through our consciousness as one.  The children of Sekhmet are pure souls of fire and descended to earth from the Supreme Sol, our Sun. The Goddess Sekhmet loves the human race, watches over us as an angel above.  Sekhmet the Grand Ma guides and protects us.  We always abide under the shadow of her love.

Dua Sekhmet!

High Priestess of Sekhmet

Priestess Sekhmet has over 30 years experience in spiritual practice with documented psychic abilities. Her mission is to help heal the world through psychic guidance, self mastery and spiritual development. When she is not creating she enjoys spending time with family and in nature.