The Psychic Workbook
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The Psychic Workbook

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The Psychic Workbook

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The Psychic Workbook will give you a balanced approach to achieving mental, emotional, physical and spiritual power for manifesting your desires through psychic training and ritual practice!

The Psychic Workbook includes:

With over 200 pages, the Psychic Workbook will touch on every aspect of developing your psychic connections, expanding in your ritual practices and experiencing spiritual growth!

Section I:  Energy Work for Manifesting

Meditation for Relaxation

Visualization for Manifestation

Scripting and Written Words of Power

Affirmations and Spoken Words of Power

Section II:  Chakra Balancing for Manifesting

Chakra Crystals

Chakra Mantras

Chakra Charts

Chakra Exercises

Section III: Develop Your Psychic Connection and Psychic Power!

Ritual Kits

Altar Set Up and Altar Work

Ancestor Altar and Offerings

Astral Work & Astral Travel

Develop Your System for Psychic Practice!

7 Step Basic Ritual

Manifesting Ritual

Banishing Ritual

Develop Your System for Psychic Self Defense!

Spiritual Bathing Ritual

Spiritual House Cleansing Ritual

Angelic Workings Ritual

Protection Rituals

Black Magick Warnings

Generational Curses and Demonology

All of our psychic training is based on the creative principles of Universal Law, Unity Consciousness and Divine Love.

We do not work with spirits, practice black magick or borrow energy from anything or anyone.

We align ourselves with the Universal Forces of Nature and direct them with our mind or psychic power in harmony with the Divine Creator.

The Psychic Workbook has over a $50 Value and is FREE with our training courses!

The Psychic Workbook is the physical course guide for this training site and is only available through our online courses.

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Priestess Sekhmet has over 30 years experience in spiritual practice with documented psychic abilities. Her mission is to help heal the world through psychic guidance, self mastery and spiritual development. When she is not creating she enjoys spending time with family and in nature.

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