21 Day Scripting Journey
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21 Day Scripting Journey

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21 Day Scripting Journey

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Manifest your desires with my 21 Day Scripting Journey, 21 Day Project Calendar and 21 Scripting prompts for free!

This 21 Day Scripting project will assist you with developing your spiritual practice and mastering your energy!

Manifest your intentions effectively and consistently!

Receive my Positive Dominant Vibe Script as a special gift for joining our spiritual community!

This powerful script will help you create mental and emotional balance, spiritual alignment with the universe and consistent focused manifestation!

Enjoy and welcome to the family!

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Priestess Sekhmet has over 30 years experience in spiritual practice with documented psychic abilities. Her mission is to help heal the world through psychic guidance, self mastery and spiritual development. When she is not creating she enjoys spending time with family and in nature.

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