1 Hour Psychic Reading
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Psychic Reading

1 Hour Psychic Reading

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1 Hour Psychic Reading

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psychic reading by priestess sekhmet
Check to see who is sending bad energy toward you.  

A live psychic reading by Priestess Sekhmet can read your energy and identify exactly where energy is blocked from successful flow to support healthy love relationships, financial abundance, good health and personal development!

Ask as many questions as you like and receive direct answers and advice on how to remove energy blocks and achieve personal success in all areas of life!

Each session lasts for one hour and allows for a lot of information to come through.  Receive messages from your Ancestors and confirmations on what your Higher Self is guiding you to do.  

You will be impressed and ready to achieve success!

Priestess Sekhmet will confirm your hunches and give you the insight you need in all aspects of life!  

Call or Text (318) 460-0945 for more info! 

Book Your 60 Minute Psychic Reading today!

Psychic Readings

Why Choose a Psychic Reading?

The benefit of receiving a psychic reading is knowing that you will be given clarity and insight regarding your situation.

The advice is meant for you to feel at ease when moving forward in your day-to-day life or in future possibilities.

A psychic reading will help you to confirm any hunches you may have regarding your life and help you make better informed decisions regarding the direction of your future.


What Can I Expect?

Once you purchase your reading, you will receive a payment confirmation by email and access to the appointment calendar to book your session.

Your appointment will be confirmed by email and by text so please include your return phone number. 

Readings are available over the phone or through Google Meet Video Conference. 

A video conference link will be included in your appointment confirmation email.

Once connected through the preferred method, you will be able to ask questions, whether personal or about others on any topic you choose or receive messages from Spirit, Ancestors or Your Higher Self. 

You will be delightfully surprised by the information that comes forward!

Each session includes an image of your cards and notes from your reading.

Same day readings are available by calling or texting Priestess Sekhmet at (318) 460-0945 to get on the calendar immediately.


What Does a Psychic Do?

Each reading involves accessing information from your Higher Self by the means of intuitive psychic guidance.  

By fine tuning the skill of accessing information from our Unified Consciousness Field, Priestess Sekhmet is able to access and download information from your Higher Self.  

From a Universal Perspective All is One and we are all psychically connected.  

By using a variety of divination oracles, Priestess is able to confirm her own inner knowing and receive guidance in what words to use and what direction to head based on the images she is receiving from her Higher Self.

Psychic ability is a natural form of knowing that each of us can access through proper training and practice so that we can be more connected to our Higher Selves and to one another.


To book your Psychic Reading, Click the button below then check your email for confirmation.

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Priestess Sekhmet has over 30 years experience in spiritual practice with documented psychic abilities. Her mission is to help heal the world through psychic guidance, self mastery and spiritual development. When she is not creating she enjoys spending time with family and in nature.

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