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Today I am speaking about Ascension Symptoms and the Sun’s Corona but let me begin by saying that the X Class Coronal Mass Ejection from our Sun on September 5, 2022 is being censored online.

No major science or news agencies are showing up in the search engines but you can find out more from the following sources.

I am Priestess Sekhmet and this is your Psychic Update!

We recently experienced an X Class Coronal Mass Ejection that is hard to find information about but are being fully covered by these science and news information sources:

Quiet as it is kept, the effects of these massive solar ejections from our Sun are meant to heal us!

Therefore, we should not fear them because we are Children of the Sun and we are also elemental fire beings on a Soul (Solar) Level.  These coronal mass ejections are reuniting us with the universal forces of nature and this is the long predicted Return of Christ event where we become fully realized Christed Higher Beings.  We become a new civilization as we ascend into higher states of consciousness and frequency.

This is not a one time event like the Solar Flash Event everyone is talking about so stay calm and allow the solar particles to integrate into your energy field to keep you mentally and emotionally balanced (See my Youtube video on the Solar Flash).

Energy from the Sun is increasing and will help us to ascend mentally and emotionally through these higher frequencies.These higher frequencies will make us smarter, healthier and more psychic!

This is what the mass media doesn’t want us to know and why they don’t want us paying attention to the Sun unless they can use the information to create fear or a doomsday catastrophic alarm.  So please be informed and avoid falling into that trap.

Ascensions Symptoms

We are experiencing Ascensions Symptoms associated with these high frequencies as they detoxify our organs and our physical bodily systems.  The symptoms I am currently experiencing are much lighter than other times when we have had X Class Flares due to my ability to release dark energy through crying, letting go of the past and releasing pain from my energy body.

The more we release the past and let go of pain, the energy from the Sun will actually heal us!

Here are my personal ascension symptoms for anyone who may be interested in knowing more or having a similar experience:

  • Purging Childhood Trauma and Anxiety
  • Forgiving People from the Past
  • Back and Neck Stiffness
  • Vertigo Dizziness
  • Floating Sensation
  • Irritability
  • Headache
  • Interrupted Sleep Patterns

When it comes to any kind of symptom, my mental program guides me to attribute them to a positive source and use corrective health measures when they are clearly required.  I practice balanced healthy eating, which includes comfort foods, physical exercise and clearing dark energy when it manifests in my body.

I never go to the medical doctor unless it’s an emergency and I’ve never had an injection since 2005 when I had the Forced Vaccination Dream (See My List of Psychic Dreams).  I do see a therapist regularly for mental health due to childhood trauma and she is amazing!

What type of ascension symptoms do you think you may be having?  It’s important to be open to the idea that some of what you may be experiencing is related to the Sun and these X Class Flares or coronal mass ejections also called CME’s.

Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) and The X Class Flare

Coronal Mass Ejections

A CME is a solar flare made of high frequency energy that raises the frequency of everything it comes in contact with.  Sometimes these frequencies are so high they register as what is called an X Class Flare.

These high frequency flares have the ability to create power outages but what is not commonly known is that they can also create power outages and breakdowns within the human bodily system, if it is not prepared to deal with these incoming high frequency fluxes.

Those symptoms include nervous breakdowns, panic attacks, crying spells, increased negative thought patterns, rage, violent outbursts, organ failures, accelerating heart or brain conditions and the list goes on as it relates to mental, emotional balance and physical balance.

However, our Ancestors created martial arts, yoga, tai chi, meditation and other spiritual practices to address this cyclical solar issue in previous generations when it came time to make these quantum solar leaps.

Therefore, it is vital as we move through September and October to do our part to adjust to these conditions by releasing toxic energy, toxic emotions, anger, negative thoughts and memories of the past that can trigger us to react or break down.  It’s also imperative that we rest, get some physical exercise and stay hydrated as the heat continues to rise.

Vision of the Sun’s Corona

I had a vision of the Sun’s Corona which is the field that surrounds the sun LIKE A HALO (BE AWARE OF THE BLACK MAGICIAN PSYCHIC LINK) around the time that COVID was released. In that vision, I saw a field of light generating around the Corona of the Sun that expanded outward changing the biochemical light field of our galaxy making the Corona of the Sun larger!  As the Corona became larger, we became more filled with light and love!  The earth physically changed because of this.

What I saw was not the hijacked Solar Flash Event which people are afraid will destroy the planet but is truly a spontaneous burst of love from our hearts that will happen as we become more loving and filled with light on this planet due to the Sun’s Coronal Effect.

However, what I saw was, an enlarging of the Sun’s Corona expanding out past Venus, Mars and the Earth and we lived there basking in the Sun’s high frequency Corona of Love and Light.

Over the past few years, these X Class Flares and the Schumann’s Resonance leads me to this same conclusion.  We are gradually ascending and becoming enlightened due to the Corona of our amazing Sun.

Black Magicians and The Sun’s Corona

As I had the Corona Vision, I began to see that spells were being cast by Black Magicians to attract energy from the Sun’s Corona and direct it toward a deadly virus using what is known as PSYCHIC LINKING.  I also knew intuitively that the Song Halo was also a PSYCHIC LINK referencing our Sun’s Corona.

Black magicians can use psychic linking to project dark energy toward dark intentions successfully, if they are not confronted.  I also noticed they were creating psychic links to satellite systems.  This is when I discovered the famous spy satellite called The  Corona Satellite.

As I continued to follow these psychic breadcrumbs, they led me to the reality that psychic links were being created between the Corona of the Sun, Spy Satellites, a Virus and Internet Communication Technology. (See my videos on YouTube and Rumble called Satan’s Satellites.)

Now that I have clearly made the connection as to how psychic links are attaching to the kinetic forces of our Sun’s Corona, it becomes even more apparent that we must create our own PSYCHIC LINK to the Sun to counterbalance and confront the dark forces.

These dark forces have been syphoning our solar power to create weapons to use against us while at the same time using our own POWER SOURCE and source of psychic power to keep us from healing.  It is critical that the public be made aware of what we are facing here because it is causing many people to suffer unnecessarily.

These Black Magicians are powerless against us but they must be confronted and counter intuitively brought into balance on a collect consciousness level.  Therefore we are saying we do not consent to the use of our Sun and our personal power against us anymore!

Steps to Restore Balance

Here are some steps to restore your Balance and Sovereignty as an individual Divine Being and reconnect to the Sun as Source Energy.

Step One:  Be willing to awaken to what we are truly confronting when it comes to this COVID operation and use your own mind to become fully educated of the facts and the research.  Be knowledgeable.

Step Two:  Make conscious health choices, without peer pressure and make your own health decisions privately.  Protect your right to choose.

Step Three:  Trust your Higher Self and the Universe to keep you safe.  You are not alone in this and YOU are truly the solution and the answer to bring more healing and light to the world.  We are extremely powerful to bring change to the planet and now is our opportunity to rise up and to shine!  Do not be intimidated by anyone or any system that seeks to diminish your Light!

Step Four:  Work with the Sun’s Corona energy by focusing on inner personal healing and alternative health therapies to bring more balance to your physical body and protect your health from biological weapons, pollution and psychic attacks.  These are the issues we are confronting at this time and we have the power to meet this challenge by loving ourselves first, practicing good self care and extending that love to humanity through the power of oneness, sovereignty and unification with our Sun’s Healing Light!

I am Priestess Sekhmet, this is your Psychic Update signing off!  I’m sending you so much Love and Light!

Priestess Sekhmet, Commander – Psychic Defense Force

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Priestess Sekhmet has over 30 years experience in spiritual practice with documented psychic abilities. Her mission is to help heal the world through psychic guidance, self mastery and spiritual development. When she is not creating she enjoys spending time with family and in nature.