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Learn How To Manifest Your Desires with Tarot Readings by Priestess Sekhmet!

Overcome life's obstacles and become more empowered with a Psychic Life Coaching session by Priestess Sekhmet!

* Increase Mental Focus!

* Remove Emotional Blocks!

* Manifest Your Intentions!

By utilizing Priestess Sekhmet's unique system of Tarot for psychic guidance and spiritual practice for self mastery, you will learn how to manifest your intentions in all areas of life effectively and consistently!

Tarot for Manifesting!

After unexpectedly losing my mother to an overdose and a failed marriage leaving me practically homeless with three little ones, I was at the lowest point of my life.

Out of the blue, a relative handed me a deck of Tarot cards and I immediately connected to them! I started using them to talk to God and my Guardian Angel requesting guidance to help me pick up the broken pieces of my life.

My Guardian Angel began speaking to me through the Tarot and answering questions about what I could do to solve my problems and restore my personal power!

By utilizing the information I received, I manifested my desires quickly through a system of self mastery and energy balance my Higher Self began teaching me!

After being homeless and penniless for many years, I manifested a tour of Ancient Egypt, an all expense paid trip to Hawaii, a luxury cruise for myself and my children, a stable home and a new car all in less than two years!

After years of mental and emotional instability, hardship and loss, my Angels sent me the Tarot to help me get back on my feet, balance my energy and guide me to my Life's Purpose!

Priestess Sekhmet's 4 Point Psychic Life Coaching System!

The guidance I received from Tarot readings taught me how to use problem solving and energy balance to help others achieve more peace, personal power and prosperity in their lives!

By utilizing the Tarot, I could target mental and emotional blocks to success, helping my clients increase their mental focus and manifest their desires more effectively!

Through psychic guidance and spiritual energy balancing, we developed a 4 Point System called The F.I.R.M. System ® Focused Intention on Release and Manifestation!

The F.I.R.M. System ® is based on the Native American Medicine Wheel and the four elements of human life which is Air, Fire, Earth and Water. These four cardinal points symbolize the principles of Mind, Spirit, Body and Emotions.

By using this practical and holistic system for balancing the mind, Spirit, Body and Emotions, we discovered a natural way of manifesting our desires by setting intentions combined with spiritual practice!

Now, my clients are experiencing greater mental clarity and emotional balance while manifesting their desires effectively and consistently!

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