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Psychic Readings & Training!

As we move into the long predicted Golden Age and the return of Heaven to Earth, as a civilization we are becoming more telepathic, more psychic and able to manifest our desires more easily. By utilizing my psychic gifts and connection to my Higher Self, I can target mental and emotional blocks to your success, helping you to increase your mental focus, balance your energy and manifest your desires more effectively!

What We Offer

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Psychic Life Coach

Priestess Sekhmet has over 30 years experience in spiritual practice, is a documented clairvoyant and psychic life coach!

psychic workbook
Psychic Readings

Personal psychic readings to answer any question in all sectors of life sharing spiritual wisdom and advice!

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Online Courses

Audio and video training on psychic development, spiritual practice and manifesting desires effectively and consistently!

psychic workbook
Weekly Coaching

Weekly psychic readings with Priestess Sekhmet and 21 Day Journeys on manifesting desires!

Get Back in Control of Your Reality!

Psychic Life Coach

A Psychic Reading by Priestess Sekhmet will answer questions to help you get more of what you desire in love, life and career. Receive information to confirm that you're going in the right direction. Find out what's blocking your ability to achieve success!

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Psychic Readings

Start with a Personal Psychic Reading!

Receive a personal psychic reading from Priestess Sekhmet on any topic of your choice! Get answers to your questions and the guidance you need to make informed choices!

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Our Happy Students


Wynette Williams


I'm more focused on the task at hand and pay less attention to distractions! I feel much more in control and in charge of my life! Thanks Priestess!


L'Oreal Frye

Spiritual Coach

Priestess radiates love and healing energy that you can feel! She has a true desire to help better the world and genuinely cares for you!

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