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Psychic Life  Coaching

Tarot Readings & Expert Advice for Life!

Got questions? Get answers with Psychic Life Coaching!  Get the clarity you've been seeking along with the solutions you need to help you move more quickly toward achieving your goals and living your dream!


Get Immediate Results

Get Answers

Get immediate and accurate answers to your most pressing questions or get needed confirmation. 

Connect to Your Soul

Receive spiritual messages directly from your Higher Self and expert analysis of your dreams

Spiritual Activation

By connecting to your Spirit, you will align with your Higher Purpose and spiritual path.

Remove Obstacles

By gaining greater clarity you can make better decisions and take decisive action.

Loving Relations

Find out what is needed to experience greater self love and fulfillment in love relationships.

Increased Abundance

Find out what's necessary to experience greater financial abundance and prosperity.


Certified Specialist

Priestess Sekhmet is a certified Hynpotherapist and Peer Support Counselor with over 30 years experience as a Spiritual Guide and Teacher. She specializes in customizing programs to fit your mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

Accurate Readings

Her readings are not merely based on the Tarot but on her own psychic gifting. She uses her clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient giftings for a very in-depth and accurate reading. Check out her Testimonials!

Exceptional Service

Priestess is committed to exceptional service. She sees each of you as an aspect of herself and guarantees each client will leave her sessions feeling enlightened, empowered, more grounded and ultimately satisfied.


Tarot Messages

Angelic Message

Angelic messages come directly from your Guardian Angel and your Higher Self. These messages speak directly to your greatest spiritual or material need.

Chakra Message

Chakra messages address the needs of your personal empowerment and helps to identify any blocks or imbalances in your chakra system.

Healing Message

Healing messages address any mental, emotional or physical healing you need along with specific advice to bring greater personal healing to you.  

Love Message

Love messages address your love life and your loving relationship with yourself and others. These messages will help you experience more love in life!

Money Message

Money messages address your financial concerns as it relates to career, finance, business endeavors, wealth building, money magick and more!


Business readings are coaching sessions that assess potential business success and assists with executing your business plan, organization and accountability.


Starseed messages assist with determining your ancestral lineage, activating your DNA, and aligning with your Soul Mission, life purpose and gifts.

Magick Message

Magick messages are readings to determine your own magick potential as it relates to your ability to manifest. Become more magnetic and attractive.

First Time Client Offer

Get 15% Off On Any First Reading


Benefits Of Tarot Messages

A More Balanced, Grounded & Centered Life

  • Confirm hunches and identify blocks to personal success

  • Get guidance on future plans and resolve personal issues

  • Strengthen  personal power and mental-emotional balance


    First Time Client Information

  • All sessions include a 60 minute Tarot Reading and psychic coaching to support any needs you have. Comes with pictures of your cards and detailed notes of your session.

  • Hypnotherapy and 21 Day Projects are added to your program after an initial 60 minute Tarot Reading and the price is then adjusted.

  • You have the advantage of asking more questions and receiving more information before making a larger investment. 

  • Our Packages

    60-min Readings

  • Love & Relationships — $75

  • Money & Career — $75

  • Spirituality — $75

  • 120-min Hypnosis

  • Clearing Trauma — $125

  • Building Self Esteem — $125

  • DNA & Chakra Activation — $150

  • 21 -day Projects

  • Magick & Manifesting — $250

  • Develop a Spiritual Practice — $125

  • Dr. Sebi Style Health Practice — $125


    Tarot At A Glance

    What Our Customers Say

    Shannon H.

    I had a reading with Priestess Sekhmet and it helped me connect with my Higher Self and find the answers I was looking for. I was dealing with some heavy stuff and she was an amazing light, holding the space with depth, kindness and integrity and lovingly illuminating the truth and then the deeper truth. I am blessed by the experience and grateful for her assistance. Thank you!

    Sheila M.

    You truly blew me away with your accuracy and the wonderful advice! You definitely read the current energy exactly and now I feel that I have a good foothold in understanding so that I will better manifest my dreams! Thank you for the guidance and thank you also for the love. I appreciate what you do here, you have helped me immensely!

    Taria P.

    Last week I got a reading that completely blew my mind from Priestess Sekhmet! The way she describes things and offers wisdom: priceless! My entire life has changed within 72 hours all from one hour with her...like wow! She offered the clarity I'd been seeking for years!  You will want to know her and be blessed by her gift!

    Book Now for Psychic Life Coaching

    Just hit the reply button to any direct email messages you receive from your readings and receive a coaching response for free!

    1 Hour Tarot & Psychic Life Coaching

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